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What Is An Introduction To A Cotton Cloth Bag
Jul 19, 2018

The cotton bag is an environmental friendly cloth bag. It is small and convenient, durable and does not pollute the environment. The greatest benefit is that it can be used repeatedly. Thus the pollution of the environment is reduced to a greater extent.

Cotton bag: the most popular environmental protection bag in the world. Cotton cloth is taken from natural cotton, and most of the environmental friendly cotton bags are rarely dyed.

On the raw material, it is very environmentally friendly; moreover, because the cotton cloth bag material price is higher than the non woven fabric, the enterprises and units choosing it generally pay more attention to environmental protection, more powerful, and will not save the cost on the ink; it can be degraded and has no pollution to the environment; its firmness is far higher than that. The non-woven fabric, its fine print, is better than the non-woven fabric, and its fabric is soft and easy to fold; it is easier to clean the cotton cloth than the fabric. This cloth bag is the most suitable shopping bag, but because of its high cost and complex technology, it is not popular.