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The Difference Between The Cotton Cloth Bag And The Canvas Bag In The Raw Material
Jul 19, 2018

Cotton bags and canvas bags in cloth bags can be called cotton bags, and they all belong to environmental protection bags. Its raw materials are made of pure cotton, which is easy to fall in natural environment and will not pollute the environment. However, there are also differences between them, that is, the thickness of canvas bags is usually larger than that of cotton bags. Here are the characteristics of these 2 kinds of cloth bags.

1. Cotton cloth: cotton cloth is a kind of woven fabric with cotton yarn as raw material. Different varieties are derived from different organization specifications and different processing methods. The concept of cotton cloth is very wide. It can be said that all raw materials made of cotton yarn can be called cotton cloth. But in the daily life scope to understand, generally thought that cotton is a single, fine cotton yarn textile, with soft, hygroscopic, breathable, warm characteristics, its shortcomings are easy to shrink, easy to wrinkle. There are a wide variety of cotton fabrics, such as plain cloth, poplin, ramie, twill, thread, velvet, corduroy, etc. Cotton cloth is the daily necessities of people's daily life. It is widely used in clothing, bedding, indoor supplies, interior decoration, packaging, industry, medical, military and so on.

2. canvas: canvas is a thicker cotton fabric or linen fabric. Most of canvas yarns are thicker than ordinary cotton yarns. As early as the eighth Century, Europeans used to make sail and get the name "canvas". At present, the domestic, because of less hemp raw materials, so we generally think of cotton as the raw material, so can be said that canvas is also a big category under the cotton cloth. The biggest difference between canvas and cotton cloth is that the warp and weft yarns of canvas are composed of 2 strands or multiple strands, while cotton is mostly single strands. This leads to the rough appearance of canvas and the finer cotton cloth. In addition, canvas is usually woven in plain weave, and weaving in twill weave is seldom used. This also brings convenience to canvas and cotton cloth. Canvas is a multi strand weaving, so the texture is strong, wear-resistant, tight and thick, and canvas has strong and strong waterproof characteristics, so canvas is widely used in cloth bags, clothing, footwear, car transportation, bags and other industries.