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Many Uses Of Nonwoven Bag
Jul 19, 2018

Nonwoven bag is a kind of green product. It is tough, durable, beautiful and breathable. It can be used repeatedly and washable. It can be used for silk printing, shipping mark and long use.

It is a new generation of environmental protection material, which has the characteristics of moistureproof, breathable, flexible, light, non combustion, easy decomposition, nontoxic and non irritating, rich in color, low in price and recyclable. The material can be decomposed indoors for 90 days and will last for 5 years indoors.

When burning, it is non-toxic, tasteless, and has no residual substances, so that it does not pollute the environment. It is internationally recognized as an environmental protection product for protecting the earth's ecology.  Classification of use

According to the different uses of the product, it can be divided into:

1, non-woven fabric bag series: non-woven environmental protection bags, non-woven fabric handbags, non-woven shopping bags, etc.

2, non woven bag series: non-woven bags, shopping bags, bags, non-woven bags.

3, non-woven products series: non-woven fabric storage box, non-woven fabric storage box, non-woven suit suit - non-woven suit suit.

4, jewelry bag series: gift bags, rope bags, jewelry bags, velvet bags, perfume bags, pencil bags, jewelry bags, etc.

5, apron series: advertising apron, polyester apron, Cotton Apron, PVC apron, hanging apron.


1, first of all, we must confirm the tonnage of non-woven fabrics, such as 80 grams, 90 grams and 100 grams.

2. Calculate the formula length * width * Number * tonnage of nonwoven fabric

(40*30*80 g *12300/1 tons)

3, printing calculation, non-woven bags best not to use silk printing, not only low price is not environmental protection, general monochromatic in 0, 8-1, 5 or so.

Dichroic *2

4, the workmanship has ultrasonic heating, the car line, if the ultrasonic is less than 1 wool, it can be around 3 gross.