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How do you choose the color of a nonwoven bag?
Jul 19, 2018

We all know that the nonwoven bag is made in the non woven cloth bag factory, and the non woven cloth bag is usually printed by the screen printing process. The color is simple and the pattern is distinct, so how should we choose the cloth color and the printing color of the non-woven bag?

First, let's talk about how to choose the color of cloth. There are many colors for the cloth, the most commonly used are red, blue, white, soil yellow, brown, black, and green. The selection of various colors is sometimes a headache, but we can determine the color of the cloth according to the places to be used in the bag and the items to be filled. Some customers will determine the color of cloth according to their preferences, and even customers will do some parts together with several colors. But Yin packaging tells you that the choice of cloth is to match the company culture, and the two is to blend with the overall pattern design.

Second, let's talk about the color of the printing. The color of printing will usually be printed on white cloth or white block or pattern. If the color is relatively shallow, it can also print two or three different color blocks, or print other monochrome blocks.

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