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Environmental protection of nonwoven bag
Jul 19, 2018

The most often used in our life is plastic bags, especially in the food market and the supermarket, everyone carries plastic bags, few people take environmental bags to buy shopping, but after the implementation of the plastic limit order, the use of non-woven bags to shopping has also climbed.

Well, let's learn today whether the non-woven bags are really environmental friendly bags than plastic bags.

In order to prove that they had ignited the nonwoven bags, some people found black smoke and pungent smell.

According to the relevant people, the raw material of non woven cloth bag is polypropylene or polybutylene terephthalate, and the manufacturer of non-woven fabric will add photodegradation agent and photodegradation agent to polypropylene, so that the non-woven fabric can be photodegradable under the sunlight, and it will not be polluted by the environment. Under natural light, a nonwoven fabric bag can be completely degraded within 90 days.

Therefore, the conclusion is that the non-woven fabric bag is an environmentally friendly and recyclable shopping bag, and a convenient shopping bag.

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