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Basic knowledge of hand bag customization
Jul 19, 2018

1. choose the appropriate handbag from many aspects, such as industry, enterprise concept, product positioning, and so on. The non woven bag, paper bag and plastic hand bag have their own characteristics. Only by combining the characteristics of their own industry can we choose their own handbags.

2. selection of high quality handbag manufacturers

There are a lot of handbags on the Internet now. Ylin packing is an enterprise specializing in handbag production and processing. It provides you with free design to print bag, and then to logistics delivery. It is the intimate housekeeper of your handbag.

3. know the basic requirements of the size, material and thickness, quantity and printing color of the handbag.

4. about the time schedule and logistics transportation time arrangement, now because of environmental protection and other reasons, the construction period is relatively long, in addition to the time of logistics transportation, if urgent use need to arrange the time in advance.

5. protect the safety of your own property. It is not a specially cooked factory that can not fight the whole sum first and avoid unnecessary losses.

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